Developing Affordable Treatments for Unmet Medical Needs

ESSENTIAL REMEDIUM® is a research-driven life science & early stage pharmaceutical company developing effective and affordable solutions for unmet medical needs.

Currently, ESSENTIAL REMEDIUM® has completed clinical studies for three revolutionary products.

To develop these products, ESSENTIAL REMEDIUM® employs an etiological and pathogenetic approach that targets the underlying causes and symptom complex of the treated conditions, enabling the correction and these mechanisms to prevent the conditions.

  • DandrOheal®
    A cure for dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis

    DandrOheal® is a topical treatment designed to eliminate dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis, with no side effects. It is believed that DandrOheal® is the only product in the world that cures dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

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  • MastOnorm®
    A novel treatment for fibrocystic breast disease

    MastOnorm®, an oral product derived from botanical ingredients, is intended to eliminate the effects of fibrocystic breast disease (FBD). There is no approved therapy currently available for the treatment of FBD. The formula consists of multiple herbal components, which are readily available. Clinical testing has demonstrated safety and efficacy.

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  • WartOlyze®
    A treatment for the elimination of viral skin warts

    WartOlyze® is a system of topical products for the treatment of viral skin warts. The mechanism of action is based largely on oxidation, a number of related chemical reactions of carboxylic acids and their intermediate reduction products, used in balanced ratios and relatively low concentrations.

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Our Technology

Medical treatment, namely, a system of targeted delivery of active substances for topical treatment of various pathologies

Development and formulation of a new type of DS-T1 Delivery System

Use for DandrOheal® & WartOlyze®

The effectiveness of numerous personal care products, especially topical ones, can be significantly increased with the use of a special delivery system with two functions:

1) Targeted specific delivery of active ingredients to tissue and cellular structures for topical treatment of various pathologies.

2) Stabilization, strengthening the structure of many active substances, especially of small molecular size, which is usually inactivated/disintegrated in a relatively short time and, as a result, leads to a loss of the biological activity and effectiveness of the product.

In contrast to the well-known forms of delivery systems (for example, Liposomes, Microcapsules, etc.), this version of the Delivery System offers the formulation and technology of the delivery system, which is an integral part of the product itself.

This approach has a number of significant advantages:

1) The Delivery System is formed simultaneously with the product;

2) The Delivery System is stable and can retain its properties for a long time;

3) The production of such a Delivery System is technologically simpler, more efficient and more economically / financially justified;

4) Such a Delivery System, along with high functionality, is externally and aesthetically more comparable (competent), especially with liquid forms of personal care products.

This fundamentally new delivery system is capable of purposefully delivering biocomplexes to the epicenter of the pathological process and at the same time stabilize the structure and activity of a number of unstable active ingredients that make up the biocomplex. The Essential Remedium® system offers numerous significant advantages over the existing models of delivery systems (liposomes, micro- and macrocapsules, etc.), given its specificity of delivering active ingredients and the ability to stabilize unstable substances due to their incorporation into the structure (shell), rather than encapsulating them in the liposomal globule system.

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