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WartOlyze® is a system of topical products for the treatment of viral skin warts. The mechanism of action is based largely on oxidation and a number of related chemical reactions of carboxylic acids that offer a non-invasive approach to treating viral skin warts.


The study of 363 patients with common viral warts was conducted at the National Cancer Center of Georgia (Tbilisi, Georgia). Observations revealed a clear algorithm for the WartOlyze® procedure, the number of cycles of applications, the development of physiological responses to the focused intervention, timing of scab shedding, and ways to avoid possible complications and the development of scars.

Results Demonstrate:

Highly effective at treating and eliminating viral skin warts

Broad applicability to various morphological and clinical types of viral warts

Pain free application during and after the procedure

Absence of side effects and clinical complications

Absence of the post treatment cosmetic defects such as scars, keloids, hyper- or hypopigmentation and other skin blemishes Protected by 9 patents.

Covered by 3 Pending Utility Patent Applications

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